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Network Penetration Test

There’s just a way to test the vulnerability of a network: attacking it with tests that identify exposures hidden to scan and automatic analysis tools.

With hacking tools, Mainsoft evaluates the security and the resistance of firewalls, gateways and routers to protect architectures and systems of your Company and to grant the best performance in secure development environments.

The weakness of the network under a watchful eye

As the system is “attacked” and errors and vulnerabilities found, Mainsoft designs a detailed report to give your Company a picture of the situation of the areas to be improved

To avoid data to be lost, stolen or hacked, Mainsoft uses the most advanced technologies and the best skills to ensure you protected and secure business.

Mainsoft makes the penetration test in the Local Area Network, in the demilitarized zone (DMZ), to improve the protection, modify defenses and design new solutions for physical and virtual security.

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