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Here job is. Just show your value


Official researches estimate that the unemployment of young people – 25-30 years old- reached the 30 % in these last months.

These numbers are designing a critical situation in business. But not in all business environment.

In Information & Communication Technology panorama it seems that the number of unemployed is more encouraging. The market seems not to be stressed by the negative effects of this crisis, but still looking for determined people, able to encourage innovation not only to ICT, but to the whole economy.

Employment for IT engineers seems to be there. But it’s not so easy to find the right applicants.

As the 17 % of Italian companies, even Mainsoft has difficulties in finding human resources. There’s a lack of applicants. Of skilled resources, able to work under pressure and to demonstrate they want to have success.

To these young people, standing out for their abilities, Mainsoft offers long-term work agreements. Mainsoft, is sure enough that the retention between Company and Human Resource is an important tool to improve business and professionalism of the employee, appreciated and encouraged.

In crisis period, too, the word “turn-over” doesn’t fit Mainsoft, that trust employment growth as strategy of economy development.

In 2012, Mainsoft estimates to hire the 10 % more human resources than 2010-11, engaging programmers, analysts and developers, aged 25-35.


Friday, January 27, 2012

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