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Data Protection in EU simplifies bureaucracy

A reform that allows a saving of 2,3 billion euro, that designed by European Comission to simplify UE/1995 law on data protection.

As Viviane Reding, Vicepresident and UE Commissioner responsible for Justice declares “data protection is a fundamental right for all Europeans, even though people don’t feel to control their own data”.

Among the main topics, the chance given to the user to delete his own data if there’s no reason to keep them and “Personal Data Portability”, that means the chance to transfer data –name, photos, address, post on social network, bank account, IP address- to other providers, to encourage market competition.

Simplification is expected in bureaucracy for companies. Reform text frees companies from the obligation of notifying any data treatment to data protection authorities, asking them to communicate, within the next 24 hours, serious violation cases.

These measures are going to encourage cost-savings and to simplify bureaucracy, considered not so efficient also for data owners.

Moreover, as described in reform text, companies are going to keep relationships with only a national authority in the EU country they are sited. Also in case of data treatment by companies sited abroad.

The initiative is going to increase trust of consumers in online services encouraging economy growth, employment development and innovation in Europe.

Two years after the adoption of these measures, the reform becomes law.


Friday, February 03, 2012

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